Poker myths you shouldn’t fall for

by Dorothy Gonzalez

“Men play it better than women”, “read your opponents on easy” and other lies that you have been told all your life about this game

Don’t be fooled! Although in theory poker is simple and gives you hours of fun and adrenaline , we could bet you have heard some of the following big lies about this game on more than one occasion. So that they don’t catch you going down, take advantage of your innocence and so that you become a better bettor, we disprove five myths below :

Everything is a matter of luck

Believe it or not, there are people who jump into playing poker and think “whatever the universe wants” and then NO! Although it is effectively a game of chance, the skills of each player do influence the formation of the hands and the outcome of the games.

Men are better than women at poker

Although the number of men in casinos exceeds the number of women, this does not mean that they are better players or bettors. In fact, there are several professional poker players who have left their mark in history , such as the Americans Barbara Enright, Vanessa Selbst and even Dana Castaneda, a waitress who, thanks to her skill and a touch of luck, won event # 54 of the World. Series of Poker.

It’s a difficult game

Admittedly, this game is not for everyone. To start you have to stay focused, control your expressions, gestures and movements, and sometimes even have a conversation with the rest of the players at the table. However, playing it is not difficult at all. You literally just have to know all the hands you can put together during a game and push yourself to make the best possible . If it weren’t for the bets, it would be child’s play.

Blofear assures you of victory

It is called “bluffing” to the action of showing off or making believe that you have a very good hand to demotivate your opponents, to such an extent that they fold. There is a 50% probability that doing so will help you, but there is also a 50% chance that they will not believe anything , that they will continue in the contest and that you, by not actually having a good hand, will lose everything. Also, if you bluff often and the rest of the bettors take notice, it will stop working completely. Although if one day they don’t believe you and you seriously have a winning hand, you could turn them around.

You learn better without gambling

With this we do not mean that the first time you put your money at stake even if you have no idea what poker is about. What we advise you is that you take advantage of the demos that are on so that you can bet with the play money that it offers you and know how it moves around the table . So you will see how much you can lose and how much you could win depending on the amount you bet and the hands you build. Once you’ve gotten the hang of all the dynamics, you can really feel the adrenaline.

‘Reading’ your opponents is a piece of cake

One thing to be clear about is that the poker games in the movies hardly look like the ones in real life. Thanks to Hollywood and the popularity of casinos in the movie industry, many people believe that reading your opponents is super easy . You know, “if he touches his hair it is because he is insecure”, “if he takes a cookie it is because he will call”. Well, the truth is that it is much more complex than you imagine and you would have to study and train enough to really read the other bettors without dying in the attempt.

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