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In the span of a single week, Donald Trump managed to push three major organizations — ones which, idealistically, ought to be in his corner — to issue stinging public rebukes to the president over his numerous offensive statements and actions. The Boy Scouts of America, the Pentagon, and both individual police departments as well […]

It was the worst of times, it was the most uncertain of times, it was the age of greed, it was the age of folly, it was the epoch of cruelty, it was the epoch of malice, it was the season of darkness, it was the season of cold, it was the summer of fear, […]

Senator John McCain, a man battling aggressive brain cancer, voted yes today on the motion to proceed on repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA.) I had wanted to write about McCain ever since a friend called my husband a Nazi for criticizing McCain’s votes on health care and how those votes tempered his sympathy for […]

by Jason Frerichs According to Patrick Rynard at Iowa Starting Line, he announced on July 7th.  The race for chair was contested by Bob Krause, Troy Price, and Julie Stauch.  Troy has a strong political background.  He is also the first openly gay IDP Chair.  Congratulations to Troy for his win today. It will be […]

By Ryan Rogers Ever since the Electoral Event Which Shall Not Be Named (or EEWSNBN) last year, there has been one other topic that seems to cause a huge amount of anger. That topic is Campaign Finance. Admit it, you cringed a little. It’s ok. This topic tends to do just that. What I hope […]