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District 1 Chair: Ruth Walker District1 Vice Chair: Open District 2 Chair: Ryan Rogers District 2 Vice Chair: Eva McBride District 3 Chair: Holly Herbert District 3 Vice Chair: Abshir Omar District 4 Chair: Amanda Malaski District 4 Vice Chair: Brian Josephson Advertisements

Disclaimer: The words expressed are solely the opinion of the author and do not represent the PVI editorial staff. It’s been a year since the contentious Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and yet repeated calls for unity within the Democratic Party seem to have yielded few results. While the new and old […]

  Rural Voices Part One:  Evolution of Beliefs  A woman’s journey from Republican to Democrat in a changing rural Iowa By Colleen Gragg with Amanda Malaski All too often we see think pieces about rural America – how they feel, what they believe – written by coastal city dwellers.  Sometimes these pieces even discuss rural […]

by Justin Case In 1995, I was a freshman playing college soccer for an IIAC school.  I had been playing soccer since I was five years old.  When I was 12, I was cut from a traveling team. Getting cut ignited a fire in my belly.  I spent my teenage years outworking everyone else.  I […]

Progressive organization, Action Iowa, took a stand last night in Cedar Rapids at a “campaign” rally for Donald Trump. The following is an official statement released to combat misinformation being released by other press outlets: Our protest, which is clearly documented by our live broadcast, shows that we began protesting BEFORE Trump used his injured […]