I. Publication Guidelines

PVI belongs to the progressive community and is dedicated to being a platform to amplify progressive voices. In pursuit of that mission, anyone shall have the ability to submit an article for review and publication regardless of partisan affiliation. The subject matter of submitted articles are not restricted but must be reflective of a progressive issue or cause.  

A. Valid email address is required to submit articles and events.

B. Bylines are required, however, pen names are acceptable.

C. PVI is not social media. It is a news and commentary site. As such short rants, unsubstantiated claims, and memes shall not be considered for publication.

D. Articles must address an issue and provide a knowledgeable opinion of the issue in order to extend the conversation. Articles may also be rejected if they promote hate, violence, or discrimination. There are no restrictions on swearing and foul language, however, that language should fit into the context of the submission and not be gratuitous.

E. Minor grammatical errors will not disqualify a submitted article for publication, however, an article rife with errors may be returned to the submitter for edit. It is strongly advised that contributor also install Grammarly to help in the editing process. Grammarly is free to use, however, there is a premium version that writers may subscribe to if they so choose. The premium version is not required. The permanent writers of PVI shall have the power to correct minor grammatical errors prior to publication.

F. In order to maintain consistency, we follow the Reuters Journalism Style Guide. You can find an online version of the guide here.

G. Content warnings for sensitive topics such as sexual assault, abuse, violence, etc, are strongly recommended. PVI reserves the right to insert content warnings where they are warranted at the beginning of the submission. This will not affect the integrity of the submission.

H. Submissions are NOT restricted to English. Any language is acceptable for submissions and we have permanent writers that are able to properly review and grammatically edit submissions submitted in Spanish.

I. Linking to websites, even those of the submitter is allowable on a reasonable basis. If you have your own blog or news site you are welcome to place a link to it at the end of your submission. Links to websites that help provide resources for the content in a submission are welcome and encouraged to be woven into the text of the body provided the link opens a new window rather than redirects the reader.

J. Candidates for public offices may use PVI as a platform to gain attention and recognition, but PVI reserves the right to space out the publication of submission from candidates to avoid the site being flooded by submissions from campaigns.

K. To sum up the last two items don’t be spammy about it and you’ll be fine.

L. Featured images are not required for submissions, however, if a featured image is not provided PVI reserves the right to assign one.

M. At this time satirical submissions are restricted to permanent writers and will not be accepted from contributors.

N. Call out articles are acceptable only if the claim is substantiated by evidence. PVI reserves the right to pull any submission from publication upon request through a legitimate cease and desist order. PVI also reserves the right to publish cease and desist orders that it receives in place of the pulled submission.

O. Opinion submissions should be solid, in-depth, and well researched. First person accounts of events and experiences and views connected to those accounts are appreciated and very much welcome.

P. Pay links or other requests for donations of any kind are strictly prohibited. The inclusion of a payment link will not cause a rejection of the submission from publication, but that link will be removed from the published draft.

Q. PVI and PVI-TV will not tolerate

-yellow journalism


-conspiracy theory



-content that is plagiarized, hateful, gratuitously violent, vulgar or discriminatory.

Such content will not be considered for publication and multiple submissions that violate these guidelines may result in a permanent ban from the platform.

R. Submission is not a guarantee of publication. PVI reserves the right to pull any submission from publication. Contributors have the right to edit their submissions but edits may be subject to review until the submitter becomes more established. Contributors maintain ownership of their content and are within their right to cross-publish or pull their own published submissions from PVI at any time.

II. Ownership Policy

The content contributed to Progressive Voices of Iowa remains the sole intellectual property of the authors and contributors.
The author may withdraw their published work at any time and they may publish or edit their work on PVI so long as they meet the guidelines for publication.
Progressive Voices of Iowa reserves the right to remove content that does not follow guidelines and to disseminate articles and works through social media or other media.
Progressive Voices of Iowa reserves the right to post advertising content on any and all content and to solicit donations throughout the site. Please see below for further information.
Progressive Voices of Iowa reserves no other rights to the contributed works. This includes articles, video, pictures, and any other media that appear on this website.
If you would like to link to your own blog from your content, you may do so, however, please ensure that the link to your blog will open a new window when clicked.
If you wish to use the content as a source, it must include the name of the author and an in-text hyperlink to the article. Content may not be used for commercial purposes or in any way not protected under federal copyright Fair Use clause (sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A) without the expressed, written permission of the contributor.
In using this site you acknowledge that content is the intellectual property of its creators and shall be treated in that manner. Also in using this site, you acknowledge that use of the content not within the guidelines stated above constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights and shall be treated in such a manner.

III. Revenue Generation

At this time Progressive Voices of Iowa is sustained strictly by donations. However, in the future, we may establish other revenue streams through advertisements or product sales. In the event advertisements are used they will appear at targeted areas in articles in the form of a brief video or banner ad. PVI has no control over advertisements beyond either having them on or off. While it may become an option in the future, we do not have a revenue sharing program at this time and seek to sink all net funds into growing and improving PVI. In any instance, this or any programs for the foreseeable future, have no effect on your ownership of your content. Revenue is used exclusively for the continued operation, maintenance, and growth of PVI.
Progressive Voices of Iowa shall make available on the home page a link that will allow any reader to access its general financial records.

IV. Audio and Video Content

All of these guidelines also apply to any audio or video content that is related to or put out by Progressive Voices of Iowa. Any audio or video, either raw or produced that is published should be newsworthy, decent quality, and in a professional format. Talk shows and podcasts are permitted but must exhibit a quality of information and newsworthiness.
The content that is uploaded to PVI TV should be independently obtained and the property of the journalist uploading the content. PVI and PVI TV will not tolerate yellow journalism, gossip, conspiracy theory, clickbait, plagiarism, content that is stolen, hateful, gratuitously violent, vulgar or discriminatory. Such content will be removed immediately and a single warning will be given. Upon the second offense, the content will be removed and the contributor shall have their ability to submit articles restricted for a period of one month. The third offense will result in a permanent ban from submission.

V. We Are Non-Partisan

PVI is not owned or operated by any political party or group.
This is NOT an exclusively Democratic site. It is a Progressive news site. Progressive isn’t a party, it’s an ideology. If Rachell Hoff wished to publish an article on her experience as the first openly homosexual RNC Platform Committee member, that article would be more than welcome here. It doesn’t matter what letter is on your voter registration. If you are writing on progressive issues your article can find a home here.

Thank you!