Stop Gaslighting Young Democrats

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  1. dmh says:

    Regardless how it turned out, I have fond memories of the Obama era but, disappointments too. I loved the way Obama inspired people. The truth is we need at minimum Obama-level inspiration but, actual progress beyond the simple dig out of the hole sorta thing. Obama was able to dig out of the recession but, he didn’t do much after. He compromised too much on things I never thought he would. That involves congress too. I think in a way you have to look at previous campaigns and go beyond. Hillary didn’t do either thing. Joe Biden is too vague and general election focused way too early. There is too much crap in Joe’s record that he has not accounted for like he needs to. Joe is at best running the Hillary 2.0 campaign so far. So far there are a few progressive candidates I have my eye on and am looking forward to the debates.

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