An Open to Letter to Senators Grassley and Ernst from a Burnt Out Healthcare Provider

Jason Frerichs

Founding Member and first Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Progressive CaucusContributor at The Good Men Project

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13 Responses

  1. Marilyn Loy says:

    Thanks, Jason. I’m a retired health care worker (OT) and I can’t believe what’s happening to this state and this country. I totally agree with your letter. I didn’t believe either one of them when they said they “hadn’t made up their mind”. BS….they were just too chicken to say it.

  2. Janice Engle says:

    I have no faith in these two changing. I once spoke to Grassley about ALEC and he told me it was a great organization. They’re just bought and paid for by the Kochs.

  3. Sue Morrow says:

    Jason, I appreciate every word you wrote. I have also voted for Sen. Grassley over the years. Never again. I worked 36 years as an administrator of residential health care programs. The lack of caring about people, as demonstrated by the votes of our R representatives, is sickening.

  4. Lu Ann Frisch says:

    Thanks for the excellent letter, Jason. Healthcare has become a cesspool of red tape, insurance forms, and slippery people out for profit only…..

  5. B H says:

    Jason, an excellent letter wrote.

  6. Marilyn says:

    Well said. I agree with everything you just stated. Grassley grow some balls. And Ernst you need to step down from your Eiffel Tower princess cause you have no fing idea of what life is like for us the blue collar workers. So get with reality or step down. We are tired of the way you are running our state.

  7. Christine Kapp says:

    I could not agree more with the content of the message of this letter. I have been to Town meetings of Joni Ernst and sence that she is a puppet to the Republican agenda, although she acts caring. Her actions speak against her constituents. She is following Grassley ‘s sold out lead.
    I am one of Many Iowans who feels we are riding a run away train.
    Our rights that we have gained to give the average Iowan a decent life is fading fast ,thanks to the Republican agenda.

  8. Tim Hatling says:

    Excellent!!!! Now we voted these people into office and it is up to us to take their healthcare away from them and then see how fast they get something done……

  9. R Kirlin says:

    Jason, I surprised you ever believed & voted for Grassley. Grassley hasn’t varied from rigidly following Republican ideology, at expense of Iowans and at the expense of his own integrity for many decades now.

  10. Kathy Offerman says:

    Very well said and I to am very disappointed in both Grassley and Ernst and I’ve written to them both in regards to the healthcare that the Republicans were trying to get passed and of course they defended their views with a standardized response. The only way to change this is to vote them out of office but for some reason we can’t get them voted out.

  11. George Ensley says:

    If Ernst would have been in the ISU Army ROTC in the last decade (instead of the 1990s) she would have been kicked out for fornicating with her instructor and breaking up his marriage.
    That is a chapter in her life that would read like an erotic story.
    She has the morals of an alley cat.
    Which kind of tells you the type of person she is…. in it for pleasure … or money.

  12. John Brun says:

    If hospitals are struggling now it is because of how things are, not because of a proposal in the Senate. Obamacare, as designed, is failing. Years before Obamacare the government began implementing rules, regulations, and requirements into the medical community that were costly and did nothing for the patient. It is time to repeal it and let the free market work the way it is supposed to. It is time to begin restricting the government’s influence in day to day care. They have proven they aren’t capable of running or managing the system.

  13. Linda Grasse says:

    Listen, people, for heaven’s sake (pardon the pun) it’s 2017. The bible is a collection of stories written over 2000 years ago by a group of men. It is open to interpretation. It clearly was attempts to explain or comprehend the paranormal or possibly even extra terrestrials .. it shouldn’t be taken literally .. it’s an analogy of the struggles of man .. who is still killing each other & every living thing in our path .. this isn’t going to be solved by “God” this problem is going to be solved by the good people in this country joining together, rising up & demanding change.

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