Rural Voices – Part 2

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2 Responses

  1. R Kirlin says:

    If the AHCA is passed say goodbye to the enhanced federal rural health clinic reimbursement for RHCs owned by local county (critical access) hospitals & say goodbye to the federal funding that makes those hospitals possible. Say goodbye too to the jobs & services those county hospitals & clinics provide all across rural America & that make it possible for rural counties & communities to continue to exist. It may seem like progressive to people who don’t care about rural America but it’s sad for those of us who grew up in progressive rural communities.

    • Glenn Hurst says:

      Often, the largest employer in the county is the hospital and/or nursing home. Jobs are bing lost and have been being actively cut under federal pressure. This pressure to close these facilities can be traced back to the development of Critical Access Hospital status which took full service, 24/7 facilities and baited them into reducing their number of beds, decreasing staff, transferring patients and reducing services; all with the promise of not cutting their reimbursement for the services they did continue to provide. They were also forced to align with urban hospitals. Why? Urban must know better!

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