Dan the Man Can!

June 14, 2017

Heather Ryan

As a student of politics for thirty years, I have been witness to every kind of candidate you can imagine.  Boring candidates, wacky candidates, perpetual candidates, clueless candidates and everything in between.  But rarely am I fortunate enough to run into a candidate as perfectly cut out for the title “Representative” as Dan Nieland.  If ever there was a poster child for what a candidate from the great state of Iowa should look, sound and act like, I have to say, Dan is that dude!  He’s a farmer, business owner, professor and George Clooney doppelganger.  Though soft spoken isn’t normally my style, Dan pulls it off with a genuine, endearing quality.

Dan announced his candidacy today with a strong campaign kick off video (see below).  At this point, he is the only Democrat to announce for the primary in a race that will eventually challenge that smarmy little turd, Zach Nunn in District 30.  Nunn has consistently led the charge against the working families of Iowa. I, for one, would rejoice in Zach’s punk-ass being slapped down in a general election.  But I digress … check out Dan’s video.  It’s nice to see we have a serious challenger in far East Polk County.


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About Heather A. Ryan

I am a Liberal Political Junkie with a varied and fascinating resume. In addition to owning a small business and doing my part to advance a progressive agenda, I am running for the Democratic nomination for Iowa's 3rd Congressional District in 2018. "It's a great life. If you don't weaken."