The Greatest Campaign Video in History

The greatest political commercial in the history of the world just hit the airwaves and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.  Iowa Third Congressional District Candidate, Heather Ryan, officially became the fourth Democrat to throw her hat in the ring for the primary election to be held on June 7, 2018.  While most campaign announcement videos are buttoned up and subdued, this announcement is exactly the opposite.

Ryan, an unapologetic liberal, can be described as passionate but approachable in this over-the-top introduction.  A political strategist and chair of the East Des Moines Area Democrats, she is quite versed on both messaging and entertainment value.  Additionally, as a leader of East Des Moines Drinking Liberally it is clear that this is a candidate who can kick back a brewski while wonking the latest political banter.

With this first-of-its-kind introduction video, Heather has effectively stepped up the challenge on the other Democratic candidates to prove they can equally maintain the  ever-diminishing attention span of the American voter.  Her Facebook page can be found HERE and her Twitter HERE.

Here is the link to the YouTube release of

“The Greatest Campaign Video in History!”


Heather Ryan, Progressive Voices of Iowa Staff Writer

Side Note:  In boot camp, my Company Commander taught me, “If you ain’t cheatin’,  you ain’t tryin'”.  So, me authoring a story about my own Congressional race announcement may be considered cheating; with that, I am okay.  Petty Officer Smith would be proud.


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About Heather A. Ryan

I am a Liberal Political Junkie with a varied and fascinating resume. In addition to owning a small business and doing my part to advance a progressive agenda, I am running for the Democratic nomination for Iowa's 3rd Congressional District in 2018. "It's a great life. If you don't weaken."