Pott. Co. Central Committee Throws Democracy Under the Bus

Jason Frerichs

Founding Member and first Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Progressive CaucusContributor at The Good Men Project

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4 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    The video clearly proves that Linda Nelson is not afraid to lie in order to cover her tracks. Holder was in no way disruptive, and in fact seemed very pleasant to those he encountered upon entering the school. Democrats wonder why people from the other side of the aisle won’t see things their way? This is the perfect example. With role models like Hillary Clinton and Wasserman-Schultz, it’s no wonder why the Democrats attending this meeting thought this course of action was appropriate. Sheesh..

    • Jason Frerichs says:

      I wish I could get mad and tell you that you’re wrong but you aren’t. I will say that Linda Nelson does not represent me as a Democrat. Thanks for reading the article, Rick. I appreciate it.

  2. Eva McBride says:

    Keep telling the truth

  1. June 2, 2017

    […] understand we are an open and transparent party, not when he is disruptive and yelling.” She told Jason Frerichs, “I know our folks would embrace what is a part of the party platform, there is no room […]

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