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A Memorial Day Message from PVI

On this day we recognize the sacrifice made by so many who had given their lives in service to their country and answered a call of duty to defend and protect the land and people that they loved. Those who sought to be part of something bigger than themselves. Those who left behind family, friends, and a life of comfort that they would never return to so that they might help somewhere else.

But is not just the dead that need to be recognized for their sacrifice, but the living as well. We cannot forget about those who we promised to take care of and honor. We cannot forget about those who came back physically, emotionally, or psychologically injured. We cannot forget those who gave so much for us. They refused to fail us, so we must not fail them. They fought for us, now its our turn to fight for them. As Progressives, we must continue to fight for the living from the local streets to Washington, so that they may go on living as best a life as they fought for us to have.

The writers of PVI humbly thank every single veteran and the members of their family for their service to our country. You did your duty for us. Now it’s time for the Progressives of this country to return the favor.

-Brian McLain

Editor-in-Chief, Progressive Voices of Iowa

“…if we are going to send people off to battle, we must understand what the war experience means to their lives and do everything we can to make them whole when they return. If we can’t do that, we shouldn’t be sending them into war in the first place. That’s the contract we have with the people who put their lives on the line to defend us.” -Senator Bernie Sanders


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