Democrats Could Be Working Class Heroes Again.

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  1. Brandie says:

    I read this article twice, thinking there would be some sort of new “evidence” that Democrats were compromising and not standing up for working people. And there is nothing! Simply saying the words “democrats are controlled by corporations” doesn’t make it so. In fact, I call BS. The one example used in the article about Cory Booker does not note that at the same time he rejected Bernie’s version of the bill, he and several other Democratic senators were working on their own version of the bill that was more widely supported and could actually pass the Senate.
    The Democrats in Iowa and in Congress have been working tirelessly to counteract the Trump/Branstad (now Reynolds) agenda. To say they weren’t fighting for us during the 2016 election and were “controlled by corporate interests” simply does not match up with reality.
    Continuing along the same old “Debbie Wasserman Schultz screwed over Bernie” line is also getting very old and is NOT helpful in moving forward.
    Urging Democrats to stick to the party platform…that is another false argument. Have you even read the party platform? Candidates must pick their top five issues and campaign on those to get elected. Do you want them to go door knocking ask people to support the legalization of all drugs, when the Legislature doesn’t even have enough votes to pass a good medical cannabis bill?
    Eva, thank you for writing this. But I’m not buying your argument that Democrats, by and large, don’t already fight for the things we all want to move our country forward. We just need all Democrats to stop voting third party and for people who aren’t on the ballot. If they would have thought about it for a minute and realized that a Donald Trump presidency and a Republican majority in the Iowa General Assembly would be a total disaster, they would have voted for Democrats up and down the ticket. Instead, they did the most selfish thing possible – voted for unviable candidates.

  2. Eva McBride says:

    DWS and the DNC are currently getting sued so that is and will be an issue for the party and does not seem to be old news in that case. You’re not giving me a reason to believe it’s an old argument when it has never been addressed other than by this lawsuit.

  3. Eva McBride says:

    Many cannot move forward without figuring out what went wrong which is usually key when learning from mistakes. I believe insight is essential to that process and denial about these well documented realities in the system is hurtful to authentic progress in the party.
    I never suggested they had to follow the entire platform but making progress would be nice otherwise there isn’t much point in having one. People have misinterpreted the legalizing all drugs Plank and I agree that the wording is unfortunate. I think focusing on treatment instead of making addicts and criminals is a good thing for Democrats to support.
    Thank you for your input though. ☺

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