New Leaders Council Showcases Efforts of Largest Class Ever

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  1. Sarah Elliott says:

    “Pete reminded us that the key to winning elections again is creating the political climate we desire, not adapting to what we perceive people want.”
    Pete…that is a dangerous statement, and right up there with “business as usual”! “Manifest destiny”, much? It’s exactly what white men have been doing since we invaded and destroyed this country.
    We never asked the Indigenous inhabitants how to live on this great land, but instead, we took it from them and made it our own!
    Look where it’s gotten us!
    Go out.
    Ask those who of us who are living in the fallout out of our ancestors and now, the 1%ers fallout, how WE WANT TO LIVE!
    Do not make assumptions for us!
    Ask us how we want to live!

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