Social Justice is Economic Justice

Jason Frerichs

Founding Member and first Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Progressive CaucusContributor at The Good Men Project

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  1. Bevan Trembly says:

    It’s strange to me that the most radical “Lefties” today (of all days, commemorating those who died fighting for the right to unionize) stops short of calling for Public Policies supporting Worker Owned companies. Corporations now own almost all of the means of production but who owns the corporations? Why is there usually no direct path for workers to become owners? In 1925 my aunt worked in Chicago for Bell Telephone and part of her pay check was stock in the company. She held it the rest of her life and passed it on to my Dad. How is it that Christians have become so comfortable with capitalism? Remember, Jesus’ condemnation of the hireling in contrast to the owner? (We should be owners) John 10:12,13

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