I'd Rather Vote For a Psychic Than a Sychophant

Jason Frerichs

Founding Member and first Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Progressive CaucusContributor at The Good Men Project

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  1. Mary Loney says:

    It looks like a completely different person to me. If this Kim Weaver is really the one on her website link then she’s not our Kim Weaver. http://www.kimweaverchanneling.com/about-me

    • sherryk1965gmailcom says:

      Mary, first off are you the same person that you were 10 years ago? And actually that is not my point. Kim did nothing illegal a decade ago. Other than try to provide for her family in a entertainment website. I believe that such website specifically state “for entertainment purposes only” and some other form of legalise. She has stated that she has no psychic abilities. What is it that parrells this story to what she is doing now? This is a trash piece that was written by a non-credible writer. It is a non-story, a distraction from the issues that Steve King does not want to face himself. Please keep this in mind & think about the gossip & rumors that are floated around about the people you know personally. Are you disturbed about the target of the rumor or at the person who started the rumor and their motives? I’m personally disturbed & distrustful about the person who started the rumor!

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