Xenophobia and why I hate bullies

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  1. Mary Sue says:

    Perhaps I misunderstood but why would you think liberals would be opposed to the protection of immigrants. I have considered my my political stance to be liberal and at least in the past this referred to individuals whose views on social policy, civil rights, open government, anti war, were in stark contrast to to those of conservative positions. Hundreds of thousands of us marched in the 60’s and beyond to achieve exactly the goals that those who describe themselves as progressive are after. Why would we allows ourselves to become caught in the argument of progressive vs liberal rather than focusing all of our time and energy fighting for and against conservative issues?

    • The article quoted only one liberal friend (so we’d know the friend tends to mostly agree, I think, whereas if the friend had already been a Trump supporter, one would expect such comments). That did not imply that the author thought all liberals (in contrast to progressives) would agree with this one friend!

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