An Interview With Jessica Fears, New Candidate for Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party

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  1. Brandie says:

    Wow! Talk about the interviewer trying to put words in someone’s mouth!
    “CD: What distinctions do you see between the policies and beliefs of those who refer to themselves as progressives and those who are less left-leaning or centrist?
    JF: I feel like there’s a disconnect between the public good and corporate interests.The Democrats are the party of the People. That’s where our power comes from, not profits.
    CD: So am I correct in thinking you believe one side of the party, presumably progressives, favor public good and the other, more centrist, side favors corporate interests?
    JF: I dislike the idea of sides. I believe very few people intentionally vote against public interests, but if only the profitable have your ear it’s easy to lose touch. Policy can’t just look good on paper, it needs to have public support and a desirable outcome for the community.”
    Thank goodness Ms. Fears has the good sense not to have all her questions answered by someone with an obvious bias and (as usual) just accusations and nothing to back it up.
    But Ms. Fears doesn’t really have any experience. If you’re only going to suit up every 12 years, why bother playing? We need people who are going to work hard for Democrats every cycle. Not just when a personality cult blows through.

  1. January 19, 2017

    […] An Interview With Jessica Fears, Candidate for Vice Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party […]

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