Tired of These Motherfrackers – A First Hand Account at Standing Rock

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4 Responses

  1. Jason Frerichs says:

    Great first person account.

  2. kathy jaffey says:

    Thank you, Chris, for telling us what you saw and what you know. Reports called “news” on television and radio are unreliable. It’s hard to know the true source of articles written for on-line news outlets. The news I trust is the phone videos of people who are there, your photos and your written accounts, the words of water protectors and other protestors have been there. Thank you for sharing what you know and what you’ve experienced yourself.

  3. Kristin Schwiermann says:

    So much better then the news…..I loved hearing about the 4th because we never saw it!….Thank you!

  4. Bevan Trembly says:

    Good, informative report. I, too, as a Navy vet and iowa farmer, stood in the line across the bridge while it snowed sideway wondering if the cops had gone home to sit by a warm fire. It was a testimony to the resolve of the Water Protectors to be on the bridge that day and remain vigilant, even while celebrating winning the battle, if not the war. Once I got back to my van, cold and wet, I didn’t feel like going out when a brother came by inviting me to supper so he brought a bowl of delicious bean soup back to me. Then later, a cup of coffee–all during this blinding blizzard.
    I had dropped off my supplies, propane and food to the vets kitchens and, after being rocked, chilled and snowed on in my van all night, I was happy to get out safely in late afternoon and spent the night in Aberdeen at the sundowner motel arriving home in southern Iowa the next afternoon.
    Be well, be strong, be vigilant,

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