Letter to the Editor: "I Am Still Learning…"

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  1. iowagerry says:

    Thank you for writing. Many people are thinking about the concerns you raise. Some, I see, at the DM Social Club. I attended a similar meeting of left-leaning faith leaders from the DM Golden Circle, people as flummoxed as you. I hope there are other meet ups in other communities amongst diverse peoples whose disappointment and fears motivate them to meet, discuss and plan. Meetings require leadership. Thoughts and ideas need paths of linkage. One suggestion, not from me, although I concur: “the (we) Democrats should remember that inspiring turnout and persuading swing voters aren’t separate problems. It’s a lot easier to do both with a galvanizing message that makes voters feel part of a larger project — be it an uplifting project or a combative one.” I too am disappointed that hard work on a platform did not, as you say, result in a “galvanizing” message. See: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/20/opinion/sunday/the-democrats-real-turnout-problem.html?ref=opinion

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