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  1. Diane Henry says:

    Even though I did not get as involved as you did, I remember experiencing the same things caucusing and going to the county convention for Bernie. Lets just say that the Bernie people were deceived, manipulated, and toyed with at best. I remember at the lunchbreak these Hillary supporters trying to convince me that Hillary was better. When we discussed the minimum wage and the Hillary people were making such a huge deal out of $12 an hour, “I said Bernie supports 15.” Lets just say that these Hillary supporters started to almost sound republican when they were all like, “it’s only 3 bucks” and “I used to run a” when they were talking down to me.
    I was SOOO glad to get out of there and get back to the Bernie room.
    The elite in the democratic party lost… They played with fire and lost to a guy who knew nothing about politics prior.
    That warm feeling was never there for Hillary. I don’t care how hard her volunteers worked, infrastructure etc… it was never there. She caused stray eyes all over the country by not connecting with people beyond her diehard supporters.
    The “America” ad showed something was real there with Bernie as that ended up being my favorite ad of the cycle. The DNC at all levels did everything they could to quash it and we all paid dearly.
    Thank you for saying what DEARLY needed to be said.

  2. Ruth says:

    During the national convention, I watched while Bernie delegates recorded the mischief. It was later posted to You Tube:

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