The Purity Pundits of Polk County

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  1. madalyn anderson says:

    I’ve heard many Sanders supporters and people getting involved for the first time express frustration that they are being shut out and marginalized by long serving party members. But I’m happy to say this hasn’t been the case in Story County. They have welcomed the new members elected to the County Central Committee and we serve on the standing committees. A Bernie Delegate was elected as the Chair of the Rules Committee and I’ve been asked to run for an executive committee position. The members elected to the District 4 CC were evenly split between the 2 preference groups. The lines between the groups are quickly fading as we work together to elect great progressives in Story County. Story County Democrats recognize the importance of encouraging new members and forward thinking ideas. I find the long time members to be very progressive themselves and maybe that’s part of the difference.
    RE: Tom Henderson- One of the responsibilities of the County Chair IMO is recruiting and encouraging Democratic candidates for office. The fact that there were NO Democratic candidates on the ballot for the 2 seats up for election on the BOS in the states largest county is very troubling.

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