Progress Demands Clinton

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  1. Chris Laursen says:

    To friend,Jonathon Green. My conscience and knowledge will never allow me to support the Clinton regime. Not taking a stand against these tyrants and voting party line for generations has brought us to this current deplorable situation. At some point,we have to say “enough is enough” despite the immediate consequences. That is how you effect change within the Democratic Party. Not by accepting a rigged nomination and then supporting the very entity that you oppose. We have to create a viable third party. This sort of”progressive” behavior reinforces our failed and broken system. What magically happens after November 8th to effect change within the Democratic Party? The Green Party is about real democracy and real solutions not just pandering to the base during the primary and then falling to the center right in the general election. Come join us,Jonathon. We need people like you!

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