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Jill is My Bernie Now

Disclaimer:  PVI does not endorse any single candidate or party. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of PVI or other authors.

By: Chris Laursen,

State Coordinator for Jill Stein for President

So,do you call yourself a “progressive”? If you plan on voting for Hillary Clinton this November then you are not progressing. You are regressing. You are being willingly complicit in the corruption that has come to define the Democratic Party.

My own journey into political activism began during the Occupy Movement. I suddenly realized that millions felt the same disgust with the two party system. I was not alone. Unfortunately,main stream media marginalized the movement and it floundered. All I could see on the political horizon were more bought politicians toeing the party line. And I lost hope.

Fast forward to 2015. Enter Bernie Sanders. The moment I heard that Sen.Bernie Sanders was running for President of the United States I knew I was all in. I had seen the videos of him laying the smack down on Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke. I admired his no nonsense brash style. The more I learned about his platforms,the more I committed myself. I liked that Bernie was not a Democrat but was using the party as a vehicle to realize his “political revolution”. Because we all know the system is rigged as to not allow any third party candidate a chance of getting elected.

My subsequent months became filled with phone banking,canvassing,speaking and organizing. The time had come for action because we finally had a legitimate candidate for president. Scores of other distraught Americans felt the same sense of inspiration and hope as I did. Despite the virtual mainstream media blackout we were going to win! We saw evidence of this in the huge turnouts at his rallies. However,the elites who control the Democratic Party had already predetermined the winner and rigged the nomination. This is not a matter of conjecture but presently a matter of fact.

I knew months before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia that I would leave the party after my duties as a Bernie national delegate were over. Because I knew they had rigged the nomination and that the powers that control the levers at the top of the Democratic Party were never going to allow it to be reformed. It is not in their greedy interest.

I knew that the fledgling Green Party would become my new home. I had been admiring the Greens for awhile from afar. It was time join a party that was free from corporate domination and that put people,planet and peace over profit. Jill Stein is my new Bernie now. And I have come to realize that I like her platforms more than I do Bernie’s. A Green New Deal. Medicare for all. End wars for oil. Canceling student debt and make public education free.Living wage jobs. Break up big banks. Well,sign me up! The Green Party is giving a voice to the disconnected majority and giving empowerment to those of us who know that there is no future in politics as usual.

Please,do not cast a vote for Hillary Clinton out of fear of Donald Trump. They are both equally loathsome and tools of their corporate masters. You will get the same “lesser of two evils” set up in four years from now. And four years from then, It is time to send a message to the establishment. My own personal pain fuels my fire. I will not stop fighting. I will never back down. I will not accept this perversion of democracy.

Come join us!


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    • The money comes from everyday people like you and I.People who want their democracy back and absolutely refuse to vote for the two evils.Jill Stein 2016 is not a corporate financed campaign.


      • Jill Stein has NO government/governing experience! She has never held any public office. And your post regarding the question “where is the money coming from to pay for all this”, I believe you miss understood the question. And it’s the same question asked and not answered during the primaries but I believe that Secretary Clinton answered very correctly, the campaign promises by Senator Sanders are economically unsustainable. Getting the States, especially the Republican controlled States, who would pay millions in matching funds from the Federal government aren’t going to happen! Same with Universal Health Care. In our capatalistic society the Insurance companies & Big Pharma are NEVER going to give up the grip they have on the US health care system. There are obstacles both organizational & economic hurdles that have to be cleared before Senator Sanders empty, unrealistic promises were going to be fulfilled. Senator Sanders with the help of Jill Stein fractured and divided the Democratic party! Which gave us President Trump! Good luck with your campaign but it will go the same route as in the 2016 election! You’re also continuing the right wing lies about Secretary Clinton! If you were gullible enough to buy them during the primaries, which weren’t rigged against anyone & you have not one shred of factual evidence that it was, live in your bubble.


  1. We are currently funding and arming both occupying and insurgent forces in the Middle East. Eight million dollars a day to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. We begin affording peace and prosperity when we stop funding these wars – Jill’s first step in the Green New Deal.


    • Please answer me one question: what was Jill Stein doing at the Kremlin dinner with Mike Flynn & Vladimir Putin? I would suggest that Ms. Stein stick to her private life before someone implicates her along with Flynn.


  2. I simply don”t see any pertinent experience, credentials, foreign policy or executive acumen here. Dr. Stein is great behind a bullhorn, or cuffed to a section of pipeline, but I simply don’t see her in the White House.

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    • Jeff Clothier,would you rather see the experience of the corruption,coercion and exploitation of a Clinton presidency? Dr.Jill Stein is a Harvard trained medical doctor. Her foreign policy is far superior to any other candidate. She stands up to the corporate interests that own Hillary Clinton and her regime. Her Green New Deal would cut our dependency on oil to a mere fraction by 2030 and create 20 million jobs in the renewable energy field. Eliminating our imperialist war for oil propped up by the defense industry. The same defense industry that owns the two parties. And yes,she is the only candidate standing up to the Dakota Access Pipeline.Thank you for making that point for me. Jill is against the TPP which HRC actually supports! I will debate anyone on that issue. No Clinton Foundation stench with Jill either. The list of her progressive agenda goes on and stands in stark contrast to that of HRC. You do not see her in the White House because we are occupied by a corrupt two party system. A system that has brainwashed people. If you want to call yourself a “progressive” then vote like one.


    • Please answer me one question: what was Jill Stein doing at the Kremlin dinner with Mike Flynn & Vladimir Putin? I would suggest that Ms. Stein stick to her private life before someone implicates her along with Flynn.


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