The Politics of Sexism

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  1. ruetenik says:

    You know, I was inclined to disagree with the claims that anti-Hillary stuff was sexist, particularly regarding criticisms from the left. But I am encountered some progressives who are saying they are just not into Jill Stein, but supported Bernie all of the way. I find this puzzling, given that she IS more progressive than Sanders. One person (a woman) said that she just is not “feeling” Jill Stein, even, though, again, she is the better version of Bernie. (She is less supportive of the military-industrial complex than he is, for example.)
    So I am starting to wonder whether there is sexism. These people are not even presenting that shitty she’s-doesn’t-have-a-chance argument. (Don’t get me started on that.) 🙂 They just do not like her, and there is no reason that I can tell other than that Bernie had some kind of magic for them–and I’m beginning to think that that magic is gender-based.

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