Inside the No Bakken 30

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  1. Bob Babcock says:

    Perhaps the term “Non-Violent Direct Action” would be more impactful. “Disobedience” gives credence to the laws they foist on us without our consent. They apparently don’t enforce them on the people with money, as we see them take the land by abuse of eminent domain, condemning land with nothing wrong with it and using it for private profit when the law says it must be for public utility. In the process they’re doing damage to land that was perfectly fine before they raped it.
    We are simply asserting our rights to clean air and water, and NOT to have our friends’ land stolen and potentially turned into fossil fuel cesspools. We don’t acknowledge their hypocritical laws! I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!
    Keep your eyes open for the Community Rights Coalition of Eastern Iowa as we organize to fight for our rights and the “rights of nature”! We are expecting to have Jane Anne Morris come speak on the concept of “colonization” on November 11th – 13th in Mason City, Iowa City, Davenport and Fairfield. We’ve been colonized. Remember the Boston Tea Party? American corporations continue it around the world, sometimes using our military with our sons and daughters as cannon fodder as they topple democratically elected governments and take over entire regions for the material resources like the lithium in the mountains of Afghanistan, the oil in the middle east and the plantations in South and Central America.
    It’s time we began to “Pay attention to the man behind the curtain” and stop the madness!

  2. Jan Wann says:

    I was one of the MUCH older women in the cell with Crystal. It was a long evening, but rubbing shoulders with these committed activists was a learning experience. There were many light hearted moments. Crystal might have purposely left off the part where we pretended to be whining puppies to get the attention of one of the male arrestees who was getting fingerprinted. There was a supportive feeling among the group. I know we all are grateful for the people waiting to greet us as we were released.

  3. Jim Rock says:

    I was one of the guys arrested that day. I don’t have a lot to add but it was great finally getting released and having my support person out there waiting for me. I hadn’t met her before that day

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